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The Hundred Days

WWI was the bloodiest war the world had ever seen. Snipers, artillery and machine guns made passing the enemy line difficult, and military leaders on both sides struggled to devise new tactics and strategies to deal with this kind of… Continue Reading →

Math Art with Functions! Desmos Project

Link to my project: Ferb                     For my Desmos graphing project, I chose to recreate a picture of Ferb, from Phineas and Ferb. I chose to recreate Ferb for a few reasons…. Continue Reading →

Gord Downie Speech

  For decades, Canada has been invisible to both itself and others within the music industry. We’re talking about the country that didn’t get around to choosing an official national anthem until 1980; 113 years after Confederation. “Many Canadians see… Continue Reading →

A Question of Canadian Values: The Removal of John A. Macdonald from the Public Sphere

Statues and monuments are often erected to commemorate people or events that are meant to inspire future generations. They tell a story about a nation’s past and present values and beliefs. As Canada starts to focus on truth and reconciliation… Continue Reading →

Final In-Depth Blog Post!

Summary of my Learning: I have spent the past four weeks finishing my last project and beginning to create my final project that I will present on In-depth night. I learned a lot about editing vocal tracks throughout the past… Continue Reading →

Gord Downie – Canadian Autobiography Check-In

“I want no part in propagating or galvanizing or burnishing some of the stupid mythology in this country. That we’re this clean, pristine place, that we know what’s best for the world […] so these things I write about I… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #5

Progress Review: This week I am developing a new project that includes vocal recordings. I have created the track that will accompany the vocals, and I am organizing to record the vocals this week in my mentor’s studio. Sarah F…. Continue Reading →

Is Canada A Post-National State?

The mosaic of diverse cultures, religious beliefs, environmental biomes, and political views has shaped Canada into a post national-state. Unlike most countries in the world, Canada “has never pursued or developed a single national identity” (Bernard, 2008). When Canada was… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Update

Here is the link to my finalized project! This project took more time than expected because it was incredibly difficult to arrange all and record all of the different parts on a real keyboard. Furthermore, it was also challenging to… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #4

Throughout the past three weeks of in-depth, my progress on my project has been slower than I had initially hoped. This is because I am learning how to record using a real keyboard, and I need to use my mentor’s… Continue Reading →

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