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Month April 2019

Gord Downie – Canadian Autobiography Check-In

“I want no part in propagating or galvanizing or burnishing some of the stupid mythology in this country. That we’re this clean, pristine place, that we know what’s best for the world […] so these things I write about I… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #5

Progress Review: This week I am developing a new project that includes vocal recordings. I have created the track that will accompany the vocals, and I am organizing to record the vocals this week in my mentor’s studio. Sarah F…. Continue Reading →

Is Canada A Post-National State?

The mosaic of diverse cultures, religious beliefs, environmental biomes, and political views has shaped Canada into a post national-state. Unlike most countries in the world, Canada “has never pursued or developed a single national identity” (Bernard, 2008). When Canada was… Continue Reading →

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