For in-depth this year, I am learning how to use all of the technology within GarageBand to produce detailed and accurate covers of songs and pieces of music. I have a created a list of several goals that I would like to achieve throughout this project. I hope to learn how to use most of the features within how the GarageBand software effectively to record, edit, and layer music, and by the end of my inquiry I hope to become confident in my approach and ability to create detailed and intricate covers of songs by using the arrangement track, equalizing vocals and editing recorded sounds. I have started my research with learning the basic steps for how to create a new project on GarageBand by researching different strategies and watching videos about the process. I will continue to learn through using my newfound skills to create covers of songs. I plan to gradually increase the difficulty of each project as I gain more knowledge about the software that I am using.

I chose to learn this skill because I am passionate about creating music. Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed playing and listening to all different types and genres of music. At my piano studio, my teacher would help me record all of my songs on GarageBand at the end of every year. I always enjoyed watching her perfect my playing with the editing technology and add layers and effects. Additionally, I play in the school band and enjoy playing and listening to orchestral music, full of many intricate layers of sounds. I hope to learn how to use GarageBand to replicate such deep and rich music with only a piano and a computer.

Throughout the next few months I will be working with my old piano teacher, Adrienne Sim. She has a lot of experience with recording her student’s performances. I plan to meet with her weekly to enhance my learning by reviewing what I find from my research with her. I hope to learn from my mentor’s adaptations and strategies that she has developed through years of recording and producing songs on GarageBand.