Inquiry Question: How do visual aids impact the connotations of text?

This year for ZIP, I would like to research and experiment with the impact of visual aids on the connotations of text. In order to do so, I plan to create short films made up of video clips that I film to create a specific tone. I will then play the same poem, word, or passage from a piece of literature over each video and observe how the tone of the visuals impacts how the viewer perceives the meaning of the text. I am choosing to research this concept because I am very passionate about videography and have enjoyed filming skits and music videos since I was a kid. I rarely have time to create videos, so I am extremely motivated to pursue this project as it gives me an excuse to film and edit.
I know very little about the impact that visual aids have on the connotations of texts; however, as mentioned above, I have lots of experience with filming and videography. I also have experience with synthesizing information from various sources and using my findings to create new ideas, which will be crucial in this project. This project will allow me to expand on my ability to create tones and emotions within videos and will allow me to learn how to use videos effectively with text to influence viewers. It will also allow me to expand on my editing skills. Additionally, by looking for impactful writing, this project will allow me to experience and research new pieces of meaningful literature. Lastly, I will improve on my ability to create new, impactful ideas and projects by expanding on information that I find through research.
I am very fortunate to have many people that I can approach throughout this project for support and advice. My grandmother is an extremely talented photographer who can teach me how to take impactful videos. I can also ask Noah to review my videos and offer suggestions on how to make them more impactful, as he has lots of experience with photography and videography. I have access to most of the resources that I will need to complete my inquiry. I will film using my phone and I will be able to edit the footage on my laptop using iMovie. Most of my research will be completed online as there are very few books written about this topic, although I may be able to find some books at the library about videography.
In order to demonstrate my learning at the end of my inquiry, I am going to film the entire process of completing my inquiry. I will then combine and present the footage from completing my preliminary research and filming and editing my project. I will conclude my presentation by playing each of the films I create with one poem or passage of literature on it before discussing how the different videos impacted the way the viewer perceived the piece of writing.

I’ve created a schedule that I plan to follow while completing my inquiry:


Preliminary Research (December 20th – December 26th) During this time, I completed some preliminary research about general areas that I am interested in and created an inquiry question.

Write Proposal (December 27th – January 1st)            During this time, I finalized my inquiry question and drafted and wrote my proposal.

Further Research (January 2nd – January 10th)                        I will conduct more specific, in-depth research, and synthesize information from various sources to begin answering my inquiry question.

Plan Videos (January 11th – January 15th)                                I will use the information I have collected to plan the videos I will create by choosing different tones to portray as well as the piece of literature I will choose.

Film (January 16th – January 17th)                                           I will film all the footage I need for my videos

Edit Videos (January 18th – January 22nd)                              I will edit together the footage I filmed for my projects.

Create Presentation (January 23rd – January 27th).              I will gather all the footage I have from throughout the whole planning process, and put it together for my      presentation.