I strongly disagree with the statement ‘A person or thing must have a name to truly exist’. As of the year 2000, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that as much of 95% of the world’s oceans and 99% of the world’s ocean floors are unexplored. There must be millions of aquatic organisms that haven’t been discovered or named yet. Although we haven’t named they, they still exist. Furthermore, as we continue to explore further into space we are identifying new stars and planets that were never named previously, however may have existed for millions of years. I also believe that unnamed concepts exist. Humans feel extremely complex emotions, that cannot be described by words. Simply descriptions such as ‘sad’ or ‘happy’ cannot exactly label the way that people perceive or feel certain things. Although we may not be able to name an emotion that we feel, it is still completely valid and very real. In conclusion, there are many things in the world that exist without names, however they still exist.