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Month June 2018

Confederation Roleplay Script

Good evening your Highness the Queen, Ladies and Gentlemen. I, Frederick Carter, am here to discuss the impacts of federalism on Newfoundland’s economy and government. Newfoundland is home to a multitude of cultures and political perspectives. Colonists and immigrants from… Continue Reading →

Science 9 Final: Ted Talk

The link below connects to my science final TED talk. My video explains how CRISPR-Cas9 technology is being used to cure cancer as well as the ethical concerns of using this newly advancing technology.  I chose to complete my video in… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2: To what extent did Tecumseh’s heroic role in the War of 1812 impact the future of the indigenous people of Canada?

  Historical Sign Historical Significance: Outline the focus of your inquiry and provide background knowledge. Why is this an important and significant question to ask about the past? Provide evidence from primary and secondary sources. The focus of my inquiry… Continue Reading →

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