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Month April 2018

In-Depth Blog Post – Week 13

describing your recent progress, challenges and successes and how you are going to be presenting your learning during in-depth night. As my final week of teaching comes to an end, I have been reflecting on my successes and challenges. After teaching my… Continue Reading →

Hamilton Big Ideas

Big Idea: Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. Passage: “The ship is in the harbour now // See if you can spot him // Anther immigrant comin’ up from the bottom” Explanation: This passage explains that although… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #1: Canada 1605 – 1763

The focus of my inquiry is to determine how the Wendat Confederacy’s role as a principle ally and trading partner with the French influenced their role as a prevalent society in Canada. Historical Significance: The Wendat Confederacy was named after… Continue Reading →

Golden Ears Trip Individual Equipment List Link

Individual Equipment List

In-Depth Blog Post – Week 11

Throughout in-depth my mentor has given me a plethora of opportunities that have enriched my experience while exposing me to new ideas. For example, she has provided me with four students who I teach individually for 30 minutes each. She… Continue Reading →

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