Throughout my In-Depth experience, I will be working with Adrienne Sim along with various teachers at Simusique. My mentor has gained her expertise through many years of playing and teaching music. She began playing piano at just five years old, and continued to play into university, earning a Bachelors of Music degree from UBC with a major in piano and a minor in voice. She also holds an ARCT (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto) diploma; the culmination of the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. Adrienne also has a specialization in Secondary Music Education, which gives her the knowledge and experience to help guide me in my learning about teaching. Adrienne believes that although these courses were challenging, they were also extremely rewarding. She states, “the sense of accomplishment and enjoying playing the piano for aspiring musicians is something that inspires me to keep going in teaching and inspiring other teachers, parents, and students,”. I have already learned so much from my mentor about teaching. One of the first tasks that I had to complete for her was creating a bio that will be sent to the parents willing to let me teach their children. Through completing this bio, I have gained experience that may help me when writing job or volunteer resumes in the future. Adrienne and I have also started looking at effective ways to help students perfect difficult pieces of music. For example, we have discussed different strategies such as playing challenging lines or bars in swing, opposite swing, and staccato before trying to play it through normally to help students become familiarized with the rhythms and notes. Last, Adrienne and I have spoken about the importance of maintaining balance in the pieces that are assigned to students. She explains this concept by saying, “A balance in different genres opens doors of expression for students’ learning, whether it be jazz, classical, or pop,”. During the past few weeks I feel as though I have learned many new, subtle things from Adrienne that I can use to become a better mentor in the future. First, I have found it extremely helpful for my mentor and I to discuss, at the beginning of every meeting, a specific timetable that I will follow during the rest of the week. This keeps me on top of my work and on schedule. It also forces me to stay in touch with my mentor throughout the week to give her updates and send documents for her to review. I have also found that one of the most effective ways to give information to your mentee is to use your experiences and stories. This makes new concepts easier to understand because it puts the strategies in context with specific situations. In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed the start of my In-Depth Project, and look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the help of my mentor.