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Month February 2018

Sourcing A Significant Personal Object

Inquiry Question: What is the story of my great, great, great grandmother’s food pusher? Source: This photo is a secondary source; however, the pusher is a primary source of my maternal family’s background. The pusher originated in the United Kingdom… Continue Reading →

Equipment Info Presentation

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xxk1i8K4aG1K6B2EcgOYTL1F-BGB1hMy5xDOszc1HXk/edit#slide=id.g31fe375027_1_6 This is the link to the Stein Valley Equipment committee’s equipment presentation  

Historical Thinking Review Question

I believe that the most important concept to consider throughout our Social Studies experience is understanding the people of the past. This can be quite difficult because society’s world views and outlooks have changed drastically throughout time. When relating to… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #3 (Week 5)

Questions: What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions? What learning challenges emerged? (What did you do to hold yourselves accountable for the learning?) What logical challenges affected your communication? My relationship with my mentor has immensely supported my learning… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #2

Throughout my In-Depth experience, I will be working with Adrienne Sim along with various teachers at Simusique. My mentor has gained her expertise through many years of playing and teaching music. She began playing piano at just five years old,… Continue Reading →

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