Reflect on your inquiry question and how your understanding is changing, becoming more focused, or is perhaps being reaffirmed by your research. What do you know now that you didn’t know when you started your inquiry?

As expected, I have found few resources that are relevant to my inquiry question. Further, because trends in children’s use of technology are constantly changing, it is extremely challenging for the research field to remain up to date; my search has been narrowed to the most recently published articles. The articles that I have identified have surprised me in that they oppose my original hypothesis. My initial expectation was that the type of grammar and language most commonly used in social media would have a negative impact on one’s writing abilities. Contrary to my predictions, the studies I have read indicate that if an effect was shown, it was positive; otherwise there was no apparent effect.  Literary capabilities of elementary school children appear to benefit from texting and use of social media communications. This clearly refutes my thought that the use of texting slang may lead to language deterioration. Additionally, I noticed that the studies with the most scientific rigor have pointed towards positive effects and did not find any evidence of negative influences of texting on children’s grammar performance or executive functions. Some of the less scholarly articles, that omit any statistical analysis, indicate that there are many negative effects. Without evidence to back up the claims, it is difficult to exclude bias, therefore it is difficult to find proven negative effects.