For my ZIP Project, I would like to research how online communication has impacted student’s language skills and ability to communicate effectively in writing. Social media has quickly become a preferred method of sharing ideas and expressing opinions. The concept of social media communication habits tracing into formal writing is a new, but important issue that may have a huge impact on the future of literature. I would like to study both the positive and negative effects of social media communication on the effective writing abilities of students.

As a student growing up in the age of social media I have seen how slang, abbreviations and acronyms have replaced proper grammar and punctuation. As a social media user I can appreciate how these shortcuts have improved the speed and efficiency of communication. However, I also enjoy reading and creative writing and because of this, I am in a good position to see both sides of this issue.  I hope to become more aware of its effects on my own writing  and continue to improve and develop my writing skills.

To study this issue I will interview my peers to learn about their experiences with the challenges of transitioning between social media communication and formal writing assignments.  I will also interview my teachers to ask them what effects they have noticed, and the difference they’ve noticed between their current students’ writing and the writing of students in the past who spent a less significant amount time on social media. Finally, I will research articles online.

I will demonstrate my learning first through an essay. The essay will be written around my inquiry question and will address the information I find about both the positive and negative effects of communication through social media on students’ writing abilities. I will also create a video to show the class. It will also show my findings, however it will be much more visible and understandable for the class.

Here is a calendar with a detailed schedule of progress for my ZIP project: