For my document of learning I would like to highlight the work of one of my peers. In my opinion, Jiwon’s Learning Center and Speech captured the quintessential ideas of an affective eminent project. At Night of the Notables Jiwon was acting as Malala Yousafzai, a teenage girl who was shot by Taliban gunmen in 2012 for standing up for girls’ education. Today, Malala continues to inspire millions of girls around the world and speak about the necessity of girls’ education worldwide. My eminent person, Michelle Obama, was also an important role model for girls who stood against prejudice and created an initiative to support girls’ education around the world.

Jiwon and I chose our person of study for similar reasons; we are both inspired and motivated by girls fighting for equality. Another similarity between our eminent projects was that we both decided to study a person who is different from ourselves in race and circumstance. Malala grew up in Pakistan and had limited educational opportunities because of religious and cultural practices. Michelle Obama is an African-American woman who grew up in the south side of Chicago and had to overcome racial barriers throughout her life. Jiwon and I chose our eminent person because we are both passionate about their fight for justice and equality. Furthermore, we both wanted to challenge ourselves to relate to an eminent person with both similar and yet very different life experiences than ourselves. In Jiwon’s Eminent Introductory Blog post she writes, “I think that it’s important to discover stories from other cultures and to share them so they can continue to be told”. This idea resonates strongly with me and is one of the reasons that I chose to write about Jiwon’s project.

img_2288Despite the obvious differences between Jiwon and her eminent person, she did an excellent job of representing Malala at Night of the Notables. During her speech, Jiwon spoke passionately about the Malala’s struggles and successes. The traditional dress and makeshift home made it feel as though the real Malala was on the stage. I believe that Jiwon’s learning center was the most powerful aspect of her project. This made her persona more believable and gave her audience a much clearer picture of Malala’s background.


img_2291Overall, Jiwon’s learning center represents the true meaning of the eminent project.
Throughout this assignment we are learning more than just the basic, one dimensional, facts about an important person. We are looking deeper into their life, beliefs and experiences to almost become our eminent person. We are learning to see things through their eyes. It is important as a society to learn from and about different people, cultures, races and even time periods. I look forward to the Eminent Person project in grade 10 as opportunity to elevate my exploration and presentation.