1. Exposition: Introduce Michelle Obama as the first black FLOTUS. In her role as FLOTUS, she attempts to address the epidemic of childhood obesity and establish the first Task Force on Childhood Obesity through her program Let’s Move.


  1. Conflict Introduced: While trying to initiate the program, she is faced with many insults towards her weight and the philosophy of the program, all while continuously facing racist and sexist adversity.



  1. Rising Action: Her continued efforts in launching the program, such as fighting for the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, announcing final version of new food labels, and chairing the Partnership for a Healthier America.


  1. Climax: Launching the Program, dealing with backlash, and early successes.



  1. Falling Action: The program is extremely successful, begins receiving positive feedback.


  1. Resolution: Seeing the development of Let’s Move and explaining how it has affected millions of children across the United States.